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Why use a position sensor for a fan-specific motor?

2019-08-22 17:51:48 點擊數:238

     The motor for the fan has the characteristics of the DC brush motor and the frequency change device, so it is also called DC frequency conversion. The motor for the fan is relative to the brush motor. The rotor of the brush motor is a coil winding, connected to the power output shaft, and the stator is a permanent magnet steel; then you know why a fan-specific motor uses a position sensor?
     Electromagnetic position sensors In the fan-specific motors, more open-ended transformers are used. The open transformer for the fan-specific motor consists of a stator and a tracking rotor. The stator generally has six poles with a spacing of 60 degrees. The three poles are wound around the primary winding and connected to each other in series with a high frequency power supply. The magnetic sensitive position sensor refers to some of its electrical parameters. A semiconductor sensor that changes in a regular manner with the surrounding magnetic field. The basic principle is the Hall effect and the magnetoresistance effect. Common magnetic sensors include Hall elements or Hall ICs, magnetoresistors, and magneto-sensitive diodes.
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