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Application and development of three-phase asynchronous motor

2019-08-22 17:51:48 點擊數:228
     Three-phase asynchronous motor is the most widely used electric motor in industrial and agricultural production. The product coverage covers various fields such as industry, agriculture, national defense, transportation, and public facilities. Along with the continuous development of China's national economy and the technological progress of the small and medium-sized motor industry, the capacity of the asynchronous motor accounts for about 85% of the total power load in the total load of the power grid. It can be seen that the use and the importance of the asynchronous water pump are It is also widely used in stations. So what are the developments of the three-phase asynchronous motor from the early days of liberation to the present?
     The three-phase asynchronous motor started in the early days of liberation. At that time, we did not form our own industrial base and standard system. At that time, we mainly adopted the former Soviet national standard system. The main representative products at this stage are J, JO and J2, JO2 series three-phase asynchronous motors. In 1952, China's first small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motor J and JO series products were born. For the first time, the technical system of China's small and medium-sized motor industry was unified, which completely changed the chaos of the motor products left by the old China. Through the standardization, serialization and generalization of motors, the products have been unified and serialized, laying a solid foundation for the rapid development of China's motor industry. In 1958, the national unified design of J2 and JO2 series was organized. In 1965, J2 and JO2 series motors passed the appraisal and were promoted and applied throughout the country. J2 and JO2 motors have been continuously produced for more than 20 years, and have continued until the development of Y series three-phase asynchronous motor products in 1981. In 1985, the national announcement was officially announced. This is a simple development of three-phase asynchronous motors.


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