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How to choose the right three-phase asynchronous motor

2019-08-22 17:51:48 點擊數:219
Three-phase asynchronous motors have a wide range of applications, and high-quality products have a multiplier effect on work. So how to choose a suitable three-phase asynchronous motor is a very important issue. We can analyze it from five aspects:
First, according to mechanical load characteristics, production process, grid requirements, construction costs, operating costs and other comprehensive indicators, the type of motor is reasonably selected.
Second, according to the overload capacity, starting torque, working system and working conditions required by the mechanical load, the power of the motor is reasonably selected, the power matching is reasonable, and the appropriate standby power is provided, so that the operation is safe, reliable and economical.
Third, according to the environment of the place of use, the degree of protection and structure of the motor are selected.
Fourth, according to the highest mechanical speed of the production machine and the requirements of the transmission speed control system, the speed of the motor is selected.
Fifth, according to the ambient temperature used, the maintenance and inspection is convenient, safe and reliable, and the insulation grade and installation method of the motor are selected.
Sixth, according to the grid voltage, frequency, the rated voltage of the motor and the rated frequency.


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