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Why does the explosion-proof certificate model not correspond?

2019-08-22 17:50:14 點擊數:248
     When many customers see the explosion-proof certificate, they will feel that the specification model does not correspond to the motor product they want, and it is wrong.
For example, model: YBX3-160M-4 11kw 380V BT4 explosion-proof grade
We will receive the following explosion-proof documents:
YBX3-160M explosion-proof certificate
    We can see that the specification model is written: YBX3-160L-4 15KW 660/1140V and the YBX3-160M-4 11kw 380V BT4 explosion-proof motor we need is not a model.
     In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Many people only see the model specifications without fully understanding the contents of the certificate. The explosion-proof documents are not issued according to the specific model, but the same machine with the same frame number is the same explosion-proof certificate.
We all know that explosion-proof motors are combined into different motors according to different speeds and different powers. The same power has different speeds, and their specifications are different. For example: YBX3-160M-4 11kw and YBX3-160M1-2 11kw
The same 11kw, different two speeds, their specifications are not the same. In order to meet different power requirements, the explosion-proof certificate of the motor is divided according to the frame number. The same speed is different in the same frame number. Different powers are also good. Different voltages are good, as long as they are used in the same frame number. All are an explosion-proof certificate.
     These specific models and contents are written in the note below the document.


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