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Explosion-proof fan features

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     The explosion-proof fan is used in the place of flammable and explosive gas to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents caused by some flammable and explosive materials.
     In the application of the fan, when the conveying gas contains flammable and explosive substances, dust, flue gas or volatile substances, when the motor is short-circuited during the operation of the fan, the line is faulty, and the fan impeller and its components generate friction, the spark is generated. It will ignite the substances or gases that are emitted to cause the serious safety accidents, causing serious casualties and economic losses to the users.
Based on years of research and development and testing, Shanghai Zuoli Electric Co., Ltd. has designed a variety of axial-flow and centrifugal-type explosion-proof special fans. The performance is superior and the quality is stable, which is recognized by the mass users on the market. The characteristics of our company's explosion-proof fans are as follows:
1. All fan components in contact with the gas must be non-ferrous materials. It is usually made of aluminum and can work below 250 degrees Celsius.
2. The impeller of the fan and the sealing ring at the through hole of the shaft must be non-ferrous materials. Aluminum impeller or aluminum alloy casing is generally used. Can work below 250 degrees Celsius.
3. The structure of the fan must ensure that the impeller or the shaft does not generate any spark when it is badly moved. The motor adopts an explosion-proof special motor that meets the requirements of the national certification. When the motor is short-circuited, the wire is broken down, and the overload is to be faulty. It will emit high temperature sparks and smoke.


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