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Axial fan stall stall

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     1. Stall can lead to damage to the fan. It can be seen that the axial fan is stalled and usually exhibits a rotating stall. Because the rotating stall causes the blades of the fan to be subjected to periodic forces, if the fan runs in the stall zone for a relatively long period of time (or the stall frequency is shortly equivalent to the blade self-vibration frequency), the blade will be broken and the impeller Yuan mechanical damage.
     2. Stall may lead to surge. If the volume and resistance of the pipeline system are appropriate, when the stall pressure of the fan decreases, the pressure in the outlet pipe will be higher than the pressure generated by the fan, and the airflow will reverse, and the pressure inside the pipe will decrease rapidly. The fan delivers gas to the pipeline, but the small fan stalls because of the flow and the airflow reverses. This phenomenon occurs cyclically, called surge. With the occurrence of surge, the fan current also fluctuates greatly, and the noise is amazing. The surge of the fan is very damaging, and the fan can be damaged in a short time, and the fan must be stopped immediately.
     It can be seen that stall and surge are two different concepts. Stall is a necessary condition for surge, but not a sufficient condition.
     3. Stall may cause the wind turbines in the parallel operation to “grab the wind”, posing a threat to the safe operation of the generator set. After one of the two parallel-operated fans has stalled, the two fans may be unable to run in parallel with each other; or although the two fans can run in parallel, the total output of the two fans may not reach A value is required to affect its load carrying capacity.


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